What is Helpmate

Use your spare time to help others

We all know alot about something, and I bet you there's someone out there that wishes they had your knowledge and skills in whatever field it may be.

Help others out by sharing the knowledge you have and get that warm fuzzy feeling inside!

Get help from knowledgable people

Helpmate is a free mobile app that connects those of us with questions to those of us that have the knowledge and skills to help

There'll always be someone out there that has the knowledge and skills we wish we had, wouldn't it be great to be able to ask them for help and advice?! 


Post a question on Helpmate and tap into a whole world of clever people.


Let's share our knowledge and help each other

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"but I'm not sure what to ask" I hear you say...

you can literally ask anything...

"Can anyone recommend a gym in my area that has good yoga classes?"

"How do I get into advertising?"

"What's the best way to learn french?"

"Can someone help me edit photos in photoshop?"

Tired of searching the web for answers to a question? Wish you could just ask someone that knew?

Post a question on Helpmate and people with the right skills and knowledge will help you out

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Bored of scrolling through social media for the 16th time today? Use your spare time to share your knowledge of hobbies, experiences or your career with people asking for help

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